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Browsing the map, routes and races
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Browsing the map, routes and races

Tracemyworld offers a lot of ways to navigate through the map and search routes or races.

If you want to go to a particular place by providing its address, click on "Go to address..." in the right menu, or right-click on the map and select the "Go to address..." option, as shown below.

If you're in "Overview mode", you can zoom-in a particular region by simply clicking on the map. You can also access the zoom controls in the bottom toolbar or in the top-left corner of the map.

To search for a route or race, you can:

  • Use the pre-defined filters as shown below. If you click on the "+" button, an advanced search panel will appear
  • Find the region you're interested in on the map and click on the icon in the middle. The number of routes in that particular geographical region is shown inside the circle.
    Click the "Load the routes in this area" button to list the desired routes in the table on the left
  • To show a preview of the routes listed in the table, click "Map options" and select the "Routes preview" option. Hit "Apply" and you'll find them on the map