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Uploading files to our site

Once you have obtained your gpx (.hst, .tcx and .fit are also accepted) from the Tracemyworld logger, or from any other gps device, you can use it with our web application.

To fully use our web services, you must be registered to the TraceMyWorld portal. The registration is absolutely free, so that you can enjoy the potential of the application.

Once registered and logged-in, you can start the application and perform the desired tasks.

For instance, upload the file you got from the GPS logger and effectively see and replay the performance.
Click on the upload tab, select the file and press "upload".

You will be prompted with a simple panel showing the sub-paths found in your GPS log.
For each path you can set different options, as well as their name, description, and so on, by clicking the details button. And don't forget to set the route type!
Paths can be joined together, or removed if desired.
When you're satisfied with your selections, you can proceed by saving all the available routes, or only the ones you're interested in.

At this point, you're ready to use and enjoy the TraceMyWorld application!