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Getting started with the logger

Using the TMW-1000 GPS logger is straightforward, you just have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Charging the battery.


For the 1st time you use the TMW-1000, please charge battery until it is full (no LED light display). Charging time is about 3~4 hours.

To do so, just take the power cable and connect it to the power jack (mini USB type). This will begin to charge the battery.
The LED that represents the battery is the right-most battery icon (shown in below).

If the LED is red, that means battery power is critically low. Charge immediately.
If the LED is green, that means battery is charging now.
If the no LED light display, that means battery is fully charged.
When you plug into the mini USB cable to charge your unit, you can see the green LED turning on.

Step 2) Turn on the power switch.


From now on, the GPS logger is active.
It’s better to turn off the device when you don’t use it, or the serial flash's life can’t last long !!!

Logger off
Logger on



Step 3) Have Fun!


Record your sport performance, or simply your vacations, or your child movements and so on, with the logger.

Step 4) Connect to the Computer and start the application.


Before downloading the GPS log from the logger, you have to follow the installation process best suited for your current operating system.
The following instructions are for for Windows operating systems, but we also support Mac OS X and Linux, so please read the appropriate section if you use these oses.
Once you've installed the correct driver and/or application, you can download the GPS data from the logger whenever you want.

Start the software, click on "read from device", select the track and save to a file. You may even want to configure the program or set various options, as you can see from the pictures below.