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Map options and modes

Using Tracemyworld is quite simple, but you have to understand a few things first, for instance the statuses of the map and the options you can turn on and off.

The most important switch is the one labeled with "1" in the figure below: it controls what the map is going to display.

  • Grid Overview: this mode draws a sort of "grid" on the map, effectively splitting the world in square "regions", so that you can see how many routes or races there are in a particular area. If you zoom in or out, regions become narrower or wider.
    In this mode you can change a few options from the "Map options" menu (the one labeled "2" in the above picture).

    • The "Region mode" option shows every region that has at least a route/race in it
    • "Follow mouse" only displays the region that's actually under the mouse cursor
    • "Routes preview" is quite different, because it shows on the map the preview of all the routes currently listed in the table on the left. From the same table you can select which routes you want to see by clicking on the checkboxes
  • Edit mode (or map mode): in this mode you may edit the currently loaded route (if you have enough permissions), or create a new one by drawing waypoints.
    This mode is enforced when you load routes or races.
    When you are in edit mode and you have enough permissions to change a route, the switch labeled with "3" above controls whether you want the map to be editable.
    • When it's red, you can't edit waypoints
    • If it's green, you can change the path, add or remove waypoints or POIs and so on
    • By clicking on the icon when it's green, it turns orange, temporarily disabling the edit mode. This is usually used to prevent accidental changes to a route