We reward your performance !

The usage of Tracemyworld is completely  free. However, if you like, you can play with Tracemyworld giving more value to your data and getting extra benefits. Tracemyworld rewards you with points (see below for details) for each activity you do. Points can be used to buy in our online shop with high discount rates.

How it works

Example: Suppose you have used Tracemyworld for a while and until now you have earned 2000 points just by regularly uploading your GPS data. Now you are interested in buying a Campagnolo Eurus wheel set. You have the following options:

    [A] NO DISCOUNT: just buy at regular price of 1200.70 CHF
    [B] 20% off: Become a 1-Star VIP and buy at price of 1000.70 CHF
    What you need: 1000 points to get 1 Star, 1000 points to get 200 CHF discount, pay only 50 CHF to activate VIP status for 1 year.
    [C] up to 30% off: 844.90 CHF is the maximum discount for this product.
    What you need: same as [C], but you just need extra 779 points, thus ride a bit more !!

See it in action: login first, then enter our shop and start playing with products and cart!

How to earn credits

Quick and easy. You can earn credits just by regularly using Tracemyworld and adding your contributions. You will be rewarded with points for any of the following activities:
  • uploading routes
  • adding points-of-interest (POIs) and media (pictures and video)
  • adding descripitons to your routes or rating/commenting other people's routes
  • opening and/or participating to races, or improving your best performance
  • making friends
You can spend points anytime in our online shop.

How to become a VIPThank you for supporting us !

VIP is a special status reserved to people who really enjoy Tracemyworld and who would like acknowledge the work done and actively sustain future developments. '.
VIP credits are multiplied by a 2.0 factor ! and will give you access to highest discounts in our shop. You can become a VIP using these options:
  • with 3 stars: 30 CHF
  • with 2 stars: 40 CHF
  • with 1 star:  50 CHF
VIP status lasts one year. Stars allow you to lower the VIP membership price. As soon as you have 1000 credits, you can convert them into a star. Once you have a star, it will never expire!
VIP's routes will get more visibility and VIP profile will be listed in the 'Wall of fame.


We reward your performance


You might have noticed that after each upload your personal score is increasing (look at the Dashboard panel). Our scoring mechanism applies for any kind of activitiy, from sightseeing to hiking, and for many activities you do within our applicaiton. To turn points into real money discounts in our online-shop just free join our Club or become a VIP  ... [read more]